Introducing Eric Kazee,
Alpha Stake’s General Partner and Fund Manager

Before 2017, Eric’s professional career involved independent consulting and training technology solutions to entities in legal, medical and financial sectors. Eric also loved real estate investing both hard and paper assets. He discovered the ICO (Initial Coin Offering) technique for funding a new venture while raising capital for a start-up business. Although the ICO period was problematic due to lack of regulations and guidance. A new paradigm was established for a permissionless financial system with no boundaries and primarily controlled by code. Thus, all other ventures were dropped to master digital asset investing. Eric focuses exclusively on the new and dynamically evolving Cryptocurrency space.

After years of experience and investing through several boom and bust crypto cycles, Eric now wants to share his wealth of knowledge with a select few. Individuals and institutions who want privilege involvement in digital asset investments, only need to engage with Alpha Stake for an optimal experience.

Digital Solutions

Alpha Stake works with Qualified Clients, Qualified Purchasers, and QIBs seeking a straightforward and simple way to invest in digital assets. We do the hard work so our LP’s can benefit with ease.

The top 4 reasons to invest with Alpha Stake:


We focus on tokens to gain access to blockchain validators. Validators are key chokepoints of value that make the blockchain work.


Alpha Stake seeks to generate 15% ROI for our Limited Partners before we get paid, with a management fee well below the industry standard.

Early Alpha

Alpha Stake focuses on established projects, but also seek early token purchase opportunities for optimal potential.

Time Fidelity

We will remain faithful to your vision. In turn, we seek partners willing to commit 3-5 years to the open-ended fund for maximum benefit.

We use advanced research methods and various sources to help inform our investment decisions.
Following best practices is key to our business success. We invest in technology to ensure we are at the forefront of investment and risk management.
In an ever-changing regulatory landscape, we are committed to effectively combine accountability with high standards in our organization’s performance. Alpha Stake is regulated in multiple jurisdictions and seeks to comply with governing authorities for the protection of our investors.
Comprehensive risk management systems are essential to fulfilling our duty of financial stewardship for our clients. Alpha Stake maintains active oversight of counter party exposures, group-wide liquidity and balance sheet risk. We prepare ourselves as thoroughly as possible for potential future adverse conditions.